George Yury Matveev

Open Source Consultant, System Architect

contact: george at matveev dot se

George Matveev


About 15 years in IT industry including large scale distributed projects in multinational companies.

Hands on experience with all aspects of software development:
from capturing system requirements to OO design with patterns to project/team leading.

Extensive experience with RTOS and Embedded systems development in Telecom industry:
from boot loaders and device drivers to Base Stations.


Open Source Consultant, System Developer, Stockholm:
2014, November - present:

Project environment: Ubuntu, Debian 7, Java 8, C/C++, Crypto++, OpenSSL, RapidJSON, Python, SQLite, Maven/NAR plugin, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Android SDK 24/NDK 10, Eclipse/ADT, Linux kernel 3.x, U-Boot, OpenMoko GTA02, QEMU, Yocto/OpenEmbedded/BitBake, Buildroot.

System Developer, Stockholm University, IT department (provanställning):
2014, May - 2014, October:

Business logic, bug fixing and enhancements of Mondo (based on OpenSource Sakai CLE project) and VFU systems.

Utilized Java 1.5/8, Maven, Spring, Tomcat, JBoss, Velocity, Groovy 2.3, JDBC, MySQL5, GGTS (Groovy/Grails Tool Suite), IDEA 13.1, HTML5, CSS, git, GitHub, Scrum, JIRA (bugs/requirements) on Ubuntu.

Senior Software Engineer, Rogue Wave Software AB, Stockholm:
2012, June - 2013, September:

Open Source Consultant, System Architect
2008, March - 2011, December:

Open Source Consultant at LG Electronics Russia R&D Lab
2007, May - 2008, February:

2005, April - 2006, August:

Sr Software Engineer/Tech PM at Off-shore development for US
2002, April - 2005, March:

Systems design and implementation for small/medium size US companies.
Utilized C/C++, J2EE (1.3/1.4), application frameworks (Hibernate, Struts, Spring), Web Services (JAX-RPC), major Java application servers (BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Sun, JBoss) and RDBMS (Oracle 8/9, MS SQL, MySQL), UML modeling tools, Eclipse, NetBeans on Solaris, Linux, WinXP platforms.
Requirements/risks management, estimations, projects tracking.

Systems Development Analyst at Philip Morris International
2000, March - 2002, March:

Designed and implemented factory's key business applications:

PeopleSoft consultant at Fairchild Semiconductor
1998, May - 1999, January:

As an external H1B consultant provided on-going support for Accounts Payable/Receivable, Billing and Oder Management modules of PeopleSoft 7.x Financials. Responsibilities included maintenance and generation of new SQR and Crystal reports, design and modification of on-line applications.
Utilized Application Designer, PeopleCode, COBOL, SQL, SQR, Crystal Reports on Windows NT.

Junior Research Scientist at Physico-Technical A.F. Ioffe Institute of Academy of Sciences of USSR, Leningrad
1990, April - 1991, February:

Laboratory of Plasmo-Gaso Dynamics, Department of Plasma Physics and Astrophysics.
Theoretical research and computer simulations of ion-acoustic waves in plasma.
Utilized FORTRAN, C, COBOL, SQL in VAX/VMS and x86 environments.


"Anders Lundbäck", Computer consultant at T2data AB,
worked directly with George at Ericsson Radio, Software, RBS 6k Downlink(Tx) Team, Stockholm, Kista:

"George har en bred bakgrund, är kompetent, lär sig snabbt och är duktig på att hantera problem/buggar i komplexa system.
Det som jag också tycker är viktigt som stämmer in på George är att han är trevlig och är lätt att samarbeta med."

Andrei Smirnov, Senior Software Engineer, Motorola,
worked directly with George at Motorola Mobile Devices:

"I had a pleasure to work with George in J2ME team of Motorola P2K platform. After his first project for Motorola (JavaOne 2005 demo, joint with Gemplus) which was done under very tight schedule and high pressure he and a colleague were mentioned in GSG Engineering Newsletter. He was truly passionate about his job and Java technology and later on prepared P2K Architecture Overview presentation and JPDA (Java Platform Debugging Architecture) training which were quite popular among his colleagues. He is hardworking and very organized professional with excellent communication skills and would be an asset to any IT company."

Kirill Ivanov, IS Technical Analyst, Philip Morris Izhora,
worked with George at Philip Morris International:

"Me and George were working together in ICS department of Philip Morris Izhora where I was involved in deployment phase and administration of systems George designed and implemented. Documentum was deployed in 5 factory departments and given that shortly after "go-live" number of licenses doubled system was quite successful and popular among factory's business users. And his "Sports Center" J2EE intranet application was used by all factory employees - from blue collar workers to HR to top management. George has strong technical skills and excellent communication/organizational skills.
Highly recommend."

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St. Petersburg State University, Department of Physics, 1981-1990

Diploma Thesis (PhD level): String model and computer simulation of magnetic flux tubes in solar corona.
Engineering degree in radar systems (compulsory program at University).

McGill University, Montreal
Department of Mathematics & Statistics, 1994-1995

PhD student (number theory, elliptic curves and modular functions), not complete because clerk of Immigration du Quebec denied student visa after tuition fee was paid by McGill University.